Connection to the Universe – Affirmations

by Jeff Staniforth on October 21, 2011

Connection to the Universe - Affirmations

Affirmations – Connection to the Universe – Affirmations by Jeff Staniforth and Dr. Jay Polmar.

Description: The Universe encompasses the totality of creation. It is everything that is and will be, and everything that you are and will be. By fully appreciating this fact, you can achieve connection and peace. Pick a couple of the following affirmations and work them daily to feel a positive connection with the universe.

Sample Affirmations:

  • I release myself to the guidance of the Universe today
  • I allow the cosmos to infuse me with its abundant energy
  • I am guided by Universal truths today, and always
  • The Universe now showers me with loving energy
  • The Universe is strengthened by my loving soul
  • I am one with all things; the Universe and I are

Sample MP3:

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Running Time:20 proven powerful and effective affirmations repeated for 30 minutes

We have 2 editions:

  1. The Standard edition – enables you to hear the positive affirmations and music while you listen to the audio.
  2. The Silent Edition – you do not hear the affirmations – just the music. The affirmations are masked by the soothing sound of music. Note: With the The Silent Edition you also receive a copy of all the affirmations used in the recording.

Standard Edition: MP3 Audio (Instant download)
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Special Price: $14.95
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Silent Edition: MP3 Audio (Instant download)
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Or Get Both Versions and SAVE $13.90

Standard Edition & Silent EditionMP3 Audio (Instant download)
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Words to Consider:

Life is not about always being happy – the art is in being able to feel connected to the Beauty of Life, even when you are sad. And, if you can express that Beauty, other people can feel connected in a deep and meaningful way.
– Laura Teresa Marquez

We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.
– Author Unknown

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